SONODYNE is the brainchild of Ashoke Mukherjee whose vision in the 70’s was to bring high fidelity to India. Since then Sonodyne has introduced a range of innovative home and professional audio products, and have won many accolades.

Sonodyne has been designing and manufacturing from their Mumbai and Kolkata facilities since the 80’s and having established itself as a leading player in the home audio markets by the early 90’s, Sonodyne expanded its vision to export their innovative products globally.

All Sonodyne products meet the same high standards - in build quality, components, acoustical performance and reliability - as that in their famed studio monitors. By adding choice in colour, placement, shape and size, these beautifully crafted speakers and digital electronics provide high quality performance for music, home theatre and multi-room applications.



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Sonodyne Micro HTS1 - 5.1 Channel Speaker System - AVStoreSonodyne Micro HTS1 - 5.1 Channel Speaker System - AVStore
Sonodyne SRP 204 - Active Bookshelf Speaker - Pair
Sale priceRs. 119,250
Sonodyne SRP 203 - Active Bookshelf Speaker - Pair
Sale priceRs. 96,290
Sonodyne SRP 202 - Active Bookshelf Speaker - Pair
Sale priceRs. 60,750

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Sonodyne SRP 201 - Active Bookshelf Speaker - Pair
Sale priceRs. 42,430
Sold out
Sonodyne Macro HTS1 - 5.1 Channel Speaker System - AVStore

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