Nanoleaf Lines Smarter Kit (9 LED Light Lines) - 60 Degree

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Nanoleaf Lines are smart backlit LED light bars that deliver stunning RGB illumination in a never-before-seen modular form factor. Ultra-lightweight light lines connect together at 60-degree angle increments to create intricate geometric designs on your wall. Two color zones per bar allow for complete customization of over 16M colors and dynamic lighting animations that flow across your entire layout.

Features like Rhythm music visualization and Screen Mirror sync with your media to transform your space with immersive shows of color and light. Installation is simple with the included double-sided mounting adhesive tape, and requires no additional tools or drilling. Control easily with physical buttons, voice commands, or the intuitive Nanoleaf App for an elevated smart home experience. Perfect for creating an ultramodern look in the living room, desk area, battlestation, or bedroom as both ambience and art.


  • Backlit Modular Lighting - Design your own unique layouts for a stunning and futuristic ambient glow.
  • Music Visualizer - Watch the lights react and dance to the beat of your music in real time.
  • Screen Mirror - Sync with the colors from your screen in real time for an ultra-immersive gaming or movie watching experience.
  • Dynamic Lighting Effects - Choose from or create unlimited RGB animations with 2 vibrant color zones per line.
  • Mount to any smooth surface with the included double-sided Mounting Tape.
  • Activate different Scenes and features hands-free though voice commands with Siri

What’s In The box

  • 9 Light Lines
  • 9 Mounting Connectors & Caps
  • 10 Mounting Plates & Tape
  • Controller Cap
  • Processor & Power Connector
  • Power Supply (100 VAC - 120 VAC)
  • Quick Start Guide

Internet Access

Some Features Require Internet Access

Other Features

HomeKit Compatible

Cable length

176 in. / 4.5 m



Power Source


Operating System

iOS 12.0 or later


Height: 0.3 in. / 0.8 cm

Length: 11 in. / 27.89 cm per line

Width: 0.78 in. / 2 cm per line


1.3 oz. / 39 g per line