Artcoustic CPH-CINEMA 5.1.2 - Dolby Atmos Cinema In A Box

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CPH-CINEMA 5.1.2  

Revolutionise your movie and music experience with multidimensional sound from the new CPH-Cinema 5.1.2, by Artcoustic. This new compact ‘cinema-in-a-box’, consisting of only two products, delivers an impressive & professional Dolby Atmos® 5.1.2 surround sound cinema, offering a sound experience that is dynamic, open, accurate and immersive.

 The CPH-Cinema 5.1.2  forms part of the CPH Series – a range of well-thought-out products designed to ensure the utmost functionality for ease of installation & connectivity. 

 The new compact CPH-Cinema 5.1.2  is a combination of two new breakthrough products from the Artcoustic development team – the CPH-ATiB & CPH-7.


The new CPH-ATiB is a true breakthrough product, which comes with an impressive selection of features, and is only matched by top-end cinema receivers. 

This digital marvel boasts state-of-the-art sound quality and includes all the latest digital controls, filters, automatic or manual room correction and digital amplification. Not only is the ATiB an advanced audio and video controller, it also houses a powerful 10-inch subwoofer, with impressive output sufficient for most small to medium-sized spaces. 

ATiB has connectivity features, making it compatible with virtually any device. For lossless signal, connect to your digital devices through HDMI, Coaxial, or Optical Digital input and for wireless audio, through the latest Hi-Fi grade, Bluetooth technology. 

The CPH-ATiB, is equipped with some simple but very handy filters, such as the Artcoustic ASOF sub frequency EQ filter and a flat shelve treble filter, combined with easy-to-use volume and gain controls. It also features an efficient and easy-to-use digital crossover and EQ, ensuring perfect acoustic integration.


The new CPH-7 Atmos 7 channel speaker, is in many ways the pinnacle of the Artcoustic evolution. Since Artcoustic designed and engineered the first ever LCR Soundbar several decades ago, they have continued to impress the market with new and innovative products, constantly breaking down the barriers between good-looking and superb-sounding loudspeakers.

The CPH-7 has taken this challenge a step further, with an increased focus on the ease of use and an easy plug and play approach to the otherwise hugely complicated cinema market. 

The CPH-7, in conjunction with the revolutionary CPH-ATIB has now made it possible to setup a fully functional, impressive and professional Dolby Atmos® 5.1.2 home cinema in less than one hour, no complicated installation, no complicated cabling and all whilst only featuring two components.

Enjoy your immersive movie and music experience.

NB: This product can only be sold as part of the Atmos 5.1.2 Immersive Cinema and cannot be sold separately. 


Operating Range

70 Hz (-3dB) to 20 kHz


107 dB


116 dB




H: 100 W: 450 D: 150 mm