The Devialet Phantom. Enthralling performance, elegant looks.

The Devialet Phantom. Enthralling performance, elegant looks.

Phantom is unlike any speaker you have ever heard before. After years of struggle, persistence and refinement, the French speaker manufacturer was finally able to create the Gold Phantom; the 3rd and most powerful speaker in the Phantom line-up. With 4500 Watts of power running through its veins, the Gold Phantom does nothing but obliterate every other audio system in the world. Two side-firing woofers generate implosive bass that fill up a room along with a mesmerizing butterfly effect and a front-firing tweeter delivering the clearest of highs, Phantom makes for an unforgettable listening experience. This futuristic speaker is able to what it does primarily due to a number of patented technologies developed by Devialet. Phantom is built with many advanced audio technologies such as ADH, HBI, SAM, ACE, EVO that allow Phantom to truly deliver ‘The best sound in the world’. The interior of Phantom makes use of glass fiber polycarbonate while the exterior is made up of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) - a type of thermoplastic polymer. These materials ensure Phantoms sturdy, secure and elegant construction without any compromise on audio fidelity. The Gold Phantom is priced at ₹2,89,000/- and is available for demo at our showroom on Bund Garden Road, Pune. Devialet also recently released an upgraded version of the original Phantom which outputs 1200 Watts of power as prior to a 1000 Watts of power on previous version and it is priced at a modest ₹1,69,900. There also exists a Silver Phantom which outputs 3000 Watts of power and is priced at ₹2,20,000. Regardless of which Phantom you listen to, you will not be disappointed with what each Phantom has to offer.

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