Tried, tested & proven, you could call us the technology architects for your living environment. We specialize in intelligent home technology solutions with the end user’s needs in mind. We work either with customers directly, or their architects and interior designers, right from the initial stages of construction or renovation itself. A CEDIA certified member and your trusted home systems solutions partner, AVXellence will spend time with you to find out your needs, explain what’s possible and then provide you with a customized and user-friendly solution that delivers the maximum benefits for your lifestyle and budget. 


AVStore AVXellence Dedicated Home Theatre Cinema Room

A great custom home theatre system is much, much more than just a big screen and speakers. At AVXellence, we believe it’s all about an authentic movie experience within the comforts of your home environment, which is perfectly blended with imaginative architecture, designer lighting, calibrated acoustics, and impeccable viewing comfort. Just the setting you need to be transported into ‘movieland’ at the touch of a button. Every AVXellence custom home cinema is designed, engineered and set up by a trained and experienced team that know exactly how to extract the juice from all home theater systems to capture all the splendour and spirit of a movie. For connoisseurs across the world, AVXellence’s custom home cinema designs transform any room into a high performance, yet aesthetically pleasing home cinema. Our involvement goes beyond system selection and installation, and can include everything from colour, finish and material of the ceiling and walls, to selection of draperies and carpet, and extend right up to custom seating. Rest assured, whether you are watching the news, the day’s sporting action or the latest blockbuster, your viewing experience will never be the same again.


Welcome to the uncomplicated world of multi-room audio/video. Enjoy soul music, movie magic from any area of your home, inside or out; individually or all at the same time. So, while you sit back with a tall, cool drink and relax with some smooth jazz music on the patio, your wife can watch a movie of her choice in the bedroom. With a multi-room video and sound system, everybody gets exactly what they want, when they want it, and where they want it. With volume controls also being individually adjustable or controllable from anywhere in the house, your favourite music can now literally follow you wherever you go. At AVXellence we make sure that all the equipment is neatly concealed in one location, out of sight and all the wiring is hidden within the walls. What you see, are only the elegant keypads and home audio speakers, intelligently designed and setup to blend discretely with the decor of different areas in the house. All the planning and pre-wiring really pays off when you zero-in on the right piece of music, or find the perfect film, for your mood, with absolute ease. What’s more, you can even extend your music outdoors with wireless outdoors speakers and weatherproof speakers. At the touch of a button, you’re listening to your choice of music. Wherever. Whenever.


When it comes to AV for hotels, night clubs, lounges and retail stores; customers are no longer willing to accept mediocre environments for dining, socializing, shopping or living. Creatively designed setups, with clear but non-intrusive sound and audio/video systems, helps create an atmosphere that gets people to keep coming back time and again. Even in the business world, there is an increased awareness of the need to make pitches and presentations more interesting, professional and just that little bit different. A well-lit boardroom can positively impact people’s moods and help increase productivity while a well designed and installed AV system can help make conferences, pitches and presentations a little bit more memorable. It has become increasingly clearer that whether it is a venue for education, entertainment, business or worship, the AV component is fundamental to the design and function of the place, and is dictated by the expectations of the guests. At the end of the day, people never forget an unforgettable experience. Most commercial venues have either too much or too little in terms of audio/video, AVXellence helps deliver that fine balance to make for an unforgettable user experience.


Lights are the first thing you reach for when you enter a room. We help you find the perfect intelligent lighting control solutions to create inviting lighting for indoor or outdoor environments for your comfort. For example, daylight sensors that can automatically adjust shades and lights to create the perfect look for any time of day. Occupancy sensors that turn on the lights when someone enters a room. The accent is on ease and convenience; repetitive tasks, something as simple as flipping a switch on and off are made redundant through intelligent lighting controls


To us, home automation is not the future but the need of the hour. AVXellence can make everything at home work together the way you want them to; automatically. With our custom home automation solutions, you no longer need multiple remotes just to watch television; or a wall filled with switches and knobs that take multiple attempts to find the right switch for the right light. You can now take control of your entire home, including but not limited to air conditioning, fans, lights, curtains and more. It is time to embrace the comfort and convenience of a technology filled lifestyle with limitless possibilities. From email and video alerts of visitors or trespassers, to panic buttons that enable a senior loved one at home to summon emergency help in the event of a medical crisis, fire or burglary we offer a host of home control systems that guarantee a sound night’s sleep. The objective always is to tailor home security systems to fit the uniqueness of every home, and not going over the top. Because life is indeed better when simplified.

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We are officially partnered authorised retailers with over 40 AV manufacturers from around the world and stand behind the authenticity and quality of our offerings. As AV enthusiasts ourselves, we use our expertise and many years of experience to deliver the best possible home entertainment systems. 

Amongst our goals is ensuring that AVStore customers receive the finest, most authentic and fun shopping experience online or in-store at our experience centre - AVXellence. If anything goes wrong with your new purchase, we will be there to fix it.

When we first got started in the business, we knew we only wanted to showcase products that we truly believed in. Our team members spend hours every day testing the gear you see on our website so you get the best possible advice and recommendations to build your perfect system. Additionally, our management team have visited numerous international trade shows and visited the manufacturing facilities of many different AV brands to ensure we curate a collection of high quality products that are worthy of your time and investment. 

We have been helping audiophiles and videophiles make informed purchase decisions for over a decade. We know you spend countless hours researching between speakers, headphones, amplifiers etc. to narrow down on the perfect one for you. However, that process can get confusing and our in-house team of AVXperts are always on hand to help you in your journey,


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