Devialet Dione - Dolby Atmos soundbar that takes things to a whole new level.

Devialet, the french company that makes the iconic Phantom I & Phantom II powered speakers and some of the world’s finest integrated amplifiers, have announced that they will be entering the immersive soundbar segment, with their very own soundbar called Dione.

Devialet Dione - Dolby Atmos soundbar that takes things to a whole new level.

Devialet, the french company that makes the iconic Phantom I & Phantom II powered speakers and some of the world’s finest integrated amplifiers, have announced that they will be entering the immersive soundbar segment, with their very own soundbar called Dione.


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Dione is a slim soundbar that has a distinctive looking orb in the centre (a nod to their Phantom line of wireless speakers).

Powered by 17 autonomous high end speaker drive units in a 5.1.2 multichannel configuration having 5 surround channels, a subwoofer channel and 2 upper/ceiling channels, Dione is Dolby Atmos enabled to bring immersive audio to all of your television content. 

SPACE™ technology

Devialet’s patented SPACE™ technology algorithm ensures that any mono or stereo audio signal gets upscaled to an immersive 5.1.2 configuration to a multilayered & enveloping sound experience.


Unique to soundbars is Devialet’s patented ORB®, that acts as the center channel which adapts mechanically & acoustically to the position in relation to the soundbar based on its placement. ORB® decides its orientation independently based on whether it is being wall-mounted or placed on a furniture unit. 


Devialet’s have included patented Adaptive Volume Level (AVL™) technology in Dione. AVL™ is a dynamic equalizer that adjusts the sound levels of the content in real time to provide a desired listening experience. 

4 Listening Modes

There are 4 listening modes that come built-in on Dione (Movie, Spatial, Voice & Music). Each listening mode provides optimal sound performance for the desired style of content being viewed.

Move Mode converts mono and stereo content into a thrilling multichannel experience when connected via the HDMI and Optical inputs.

Spatial Mode creates a layered-sound setting that puts you centre stage and lets you enjoy your music and content played through online sources at their best.

Voice Mode is a custom setting for voice-forward content like podcasts, news programs, and more. 

Music Mode reproduces a stereo setup and disables spatialization.


Some people may have concerns about bass since you cannot add a subwoofer to Dione. However, this is Devialet we’re talking about. They have already proven themselves to be the only ones who are able to deliver ultra-deep bass in a compact form factor with the Phantom I & Phantom II line-up and we have no doubt that with 8 high excursion subwoofers working inside the soundbar, Dione will be able to deliver bass like-no-other.

HDMI 2.1 eARC/ARC with CEC connectivity allows multiple audio channels transmission, without any limitations or compression. The CEC enabled TV remote synchronization allows users to use their TV remote control to adjust the volume and playback on the Dione, which is a huge convenience.

With the help of the Devialet App, Dione measures the room acoustics with its in-built 4 calibration microphones to provide the best possible audio experience based on the uniqueness of your room. The Devialet App also includes multi-room configuration via Airplay 2 which is super fun to use if you have other Airplay 2 enabled speakers in your home. Additional connectivity options include, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth 5.0 as well as hardwired Ethernet and Toslink Optical connections.

Devialet Dione Soundbar Exploded View

The Dione’s slim profile & aesthetic beauty will be most appreciated by those who love beautiful design as well as a no-compromise sound performance, which Devialet is really well known for. It is great to see Devialet enter this highly competitive space of Dolby Atmos soundbars and we can’t wait to get hands-on with it and provide a more in-depth review of the Dione.


The expected price of the Devialet Dione will be approximately INR 2,50,000/-


AVStore is an authorized retailer for Devialet and feature their complete catalogue of soundbars, earphones, amplifiers, wireless & portable speakers.


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