5 Reasons To Buy A Hi-Fi System (And Not a Wireless Speaker)

5 Reasons To Buy A Hi-Fi System (And Not a Wireless Speaker)

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We as humans love music and we really want it to sound as good as it possibly can.

That’s where having a decent hi-fi system comes into play. 

Indeed, where once stereo speakers, an amplifier and a CD player or turntable was a prerequisite for a music system, now you can do it all (and more) with a single wireless speaker. And many of them are very good, not to mention far more convenient and affordable than any traditional system.

But… it’s not quite the same, is it? There are still many reasons why a stereo system makes so much more sense. Please, allow us to elaborate.

1. It sounds better

You like music, right? So why not hear it sounding as good as it should? 99 times out of 100, that will mean a traditional separates system. The sum of the parts will almost always deliver better experience, better-value and sound better than a similarly priced wireless speaker can muster. Each box is a master of its trade, rather than a jack of all trades, the latter always requiring a compromise somewhere.

2. It will always work

Yes, you can play music stored locally, and yes Bluetooth doesn’t require wi-fi, but a wireless speaker will ultimately leave most people, most of the time, at the mercy of The Cloud. Other than unforgiving other halves and the odd scratch, there’s very little to stop you ever playing a music collection made of CDs, vinyl or even digital downloads.

3. You get the best of both worlds

Of course a traditional hi-fi system no longer has to mean thumbing through a dusty record collection. The hi-fi world has been in the 21st century nearly as long everyone else, which means you can now add a state-of-the-art music streamer to your amp and speakers and have a whole world of digital music at your fingertips, reaping the sonic benefits of your system as well having the convenience of Spotify or Tidal.

4. There's often an upgrade path

Fed up with your speakers? Simply buy a new pair and slot them into your system. Feel like adding a turntable? Go for it. A separates system allows you to upgrade components over time, as and when you’re able, as well as adding new features with new products.

5. It's more than just a box

You will feel a real connection to a system of components you have chosen, plugged together, positioned, perfected and sat back and enjoyed. And while plonking a wireless speaker in the corner of the room and then fiddling with your phone for ten minutes can be satisfyingly convenient, it is not conducive to feeling at one with your system and your music collection. It’s much like the argument for physical media over digital. We love streaming music, but it’s not the same. Think of a hi-fi system as the homemade sourdough to your Brittania’s sandwich loaf.

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