Classé Audio

Classé is a Canadian audio brand known for high-performance music and theater components, such as amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and processors. The company was founded in 1980 by David Reich.

Forty years on, Classé remains at the forefront of audio. The iconoclastic and talented Classé Design team in Montréal now has a global reach, being larger and more diverse than ever. Precision manufacturing at the legendary Shirakawa Audio Works in Northern Japan allows today’s Classé to deliver on the performance and reliability. 


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Classé Audio Delta Mono - Power Amplifier

DELTA MONO Delta MONO embodies exquisite, controlled, unending power. A perfectly detailed enclosure cradles a highly innovative blend of technologies and hand-selected components which deliver effortless, refined sound. AMPLIFICATION Delta MONO is...

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Classé Audio Delta Pre - Preamplifier

DELTA PRE FIDELITY Delta PRE is the foundation of your perfect system. Designed to connect to a range of sources, Delta PRE will extract the highest performance from every recording, whether analog...

Classé Audio Delta Stereo - Power Amplifier

DELTA STEREO The Delta STEREO distills all of Classé's innovation and knowledge into a compact high-performance stereo amplifier. In situations where dual mono amplifiers can't be accommodated, Delta STEREO offers uncompromizing...

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